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Ayo Center

Located in the heart of the Lasne countryside, and with a constant opening towards nature, Ayo center is a space of personal development for the children.

Nourished by positive psychology and the latest advances in affective neuroscience, the center focuses on accompanying the children's emotions and their exploring, in their learning towards autonomy.

Ayo center offers your children a space for discovery and experimentation in a safe and secure environment, supervised by professional graduates.

Every child learns to the discover itself, others
and his environment, while respecting its own rhythm.

Sophie Spiette

I'm a graduated psychomotrician trained in relational psychomotricity (Ecole de Roux) and in  non-violent communication (Marshall Rosenberg's Method).
I am particularly interested in affective neuroscience and the importance of the recognition of emotions and positivity on neural circuits.
I am also a teacher of ethics in primary education.

Fluent in English, I teach both in French and English

Pauline Conreur

I'm a psychomotrician graduated in functional psychomotricity (Parnassus - ISEI) and in relational psychomotricity (Roux school).
I am specialized in the rehabilitation of learning disabilities and trained in mental management and Brain Gym.
I am also a primary school teacher in special education.

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